How to Create the Perfect Photography Portfolio

A lot of people think that your portfolio should simply include your best works. But it is a popular misconception. The portfolios that have a single theme or with photos taken in one specific style look much more presentable and will have a higher chance of success.

What Is Your Aim?

A job portfolio may look completely different to an exhibition portfolio. Moreover, your book for one vacancy can be absolutely different to the one that you would take to another meeting. So always bear in made which ones of your works will be the most suitable for this particular appointment.

Digital or Paper?

Depends on the requirements. Nowadays a digital portfolio can look just as ‘juicy’ as a paper one. Moreover, it is easier to make changes to a digital book. But we should all agree that flipping through a real, beautifully printed portfolio with your monograms is an amazing experience.

Think About the Size

Of course, you would need a portfolio case or folder. But before buying one, think about what size you want your images to be. An A4 format is considered to be a great choice. Simply remember that the photos have to be big enough to be able to show your attention to detail and style.

Choose the Shots Wisely

Choosing the pictures yourself is not always a great idea. You certainly do have your favorite shots, because you know how much time and effort has been invested into every single one. But having someone else have a look at your shots before placing them into the portfolio would be a good decision.

What about the Presentation?

Think about the color of the background. Do you want every image to be placed in a frame? Make sure to put a lot of love and respect not only into taking the actual photo, but also into placing it in an album. Make sure that every piece shines. And don’t forget to take into consideration the order of the shots.

What are the Other Elements that You Can Include into a Portfolio?

You can always outline the concept on the first page. Come up with a name for the whole story. Placing your personal information can also be a great idea.
A list of your shots is, certainly, optional, but it might be a wonderful addition that will show that you value the time of the job seeker/editor, etc.
Do your images need titles and explanations? Maybe you would like to place the name of the location and the date under every piece?


Don’t include similar images. The client might think that you are a lazy professional photographer that didn’t even bother to show his full potential.
Don’t be afraid to shoot for free for the sake of your portfolio. Sometimes the image turns out to be a real masterpiece and you feel like it is actually you who has to be paying.


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